Saturday, February 02, 2008

Pressured brain cells

Hello! I am back for a second post (:

(The TEE is big! I am not THAT fat :/)

I broke my bottle of perfume this morning!

And andddd.. We hit Town yesterday. :D
4 shopping bags and another pair of flipflop~
I am all ready for CNY.
It's another 4 more days ONLY.

I asked D to choose Ralph Lauren Pony Polo ($189) OR Fred Perry Polo Tee($160) for his Valentine's Gift.

We went to look for at their respective outlets but it seems like ALL the Small size disappeared!
Sigh* I thought V'day's gift is settled but now I gotta crack my brain again.

Guy's presents are so limited.
You can only get wallets, belts, bags, shirt;polo;jeans , DIY stuffs and what else more you tell me?!?!?!

And his 21st birthday is on April. Only 2 months from V'day.

My brain cells are dying from all the thinking.

HURRRRRRR. I need to shop for some clothes for Raven too(my dog).

I have a number of pictures but I am lazy to post them :/
(Because work drained away all my energy :( )

Sweetdreams. (: