Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Shopping Weekend


Done!! Glitter line added. Don't they look more sparkly? :D
But the right toe nail has yet to grow out :(

FRIDAY; Pedicure before heading to D's house. I went to his place and waited for him to book out. He went dumbfounded when he saw me with another 2 new pairs of shoe and 2 Anna Sui pouch. I promise promise promise not to shop for shoes anymore!!!!!!! I am ending my shoe/heels/flats/flipflops/pumps fetish for the moment. (Because I have got more than 8 pairs untouch & more than 6pairs worn only once or twice. Some are still sitting in the shoe box, untouch!

My killer heels.

SATURDAY; I almost died at Marina Square yesterday! All thanks to my killer heels. It was my first time wearing that pair. So I had to buy another pair of flats after walking in that heels for nearly 4hours. WASTE OF MONEY + my shoe shelf is so OH-MY-GAWDLY full. Fish & CO. for dinner at Suntec, My usual Fish & Chips (:

D bought a Puma Top & we bought tickets for "Death Note Spin Off - L Change The World" at 0000hr. Although the show will only be released at 21st Feb, but we saw it blinking at the cinema so we caught it! It was nice and rather touching as L only had 23days left but he is still determined to change the world & save the 2 kid who is not even in any way related to him. This movie is not related to Death Note1 or 2 but equally nice :) It lasted for more than 2hours so we went home at 0230hr in the morning.

Side Note; Each time I visit Marina Square, I wont give Muji a miss! So I went there to replenish my Japan titbits.

HEHEHEHEHE. You must be sick of my face now.

SUNDAY; Nothing special happened today. Same old routine. Woke up at 1000 or 1100hr, showered, Dad drove me to D's place. Lunch at nearby mall. Dinner with his family(& M&M) at another mall nearby (: And I got myself a lovely baby pink sweater from New Balance. I am going to throw ALL my Adidas, Puma, cardigans and so on... aside now for the new sweater is in shades of baby pink and white!! Most importantly, it's damn cosy I swear. Aaaaawwww. I hope it's cold everyday so I can wear it 24/7! HEHEHE. I bought lots lots lots of titbits. I bought Gummies for Max & Marcel too. I swear if i finish all those titbits from Muji and those I bought today, I will gain another kg or two!! :(

Side Note; & like finally, the guy who owed me $200 finally returned me everything 2days ago. I was really sick and tired of pressing him to return because he took 1 whole monthhhhh........ & I have no patience for that. Not that he doesn't have the money. I don't know why lah!

Toodles!! ^^