Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ugly Singaporeans

I have always wondered how come bus drivers don't make mistakes like driving wrong route and etc.

And today, The bus I took, DROVE A WRONG ROUTE! I was busy reading the book in my hand than to notice the outside until the old couple beside me starting saying "He must be a new driver" in a very loud tone; loud enough for the driver to hear it when we are sitting right at the back. I think that was pretty rude as bus drivers are humans too! And humans make mistakes right? They did not stop saying that sentence for the next 10minutes. I believe in that situation, the new driver must be at a lost too. Anyway he took 1 super big round(estimate about 15mins or so), to get back to the main track. The first stop on the track was the stop i intended to alight, of cause, many people alighted at that stop. I thought that the driver would at least say " Sorry for the inconvience caused " But no, to my disappointment, he pretended that nothing has happened and just sat there giving us a "heck care" look.

It was the first time in my life that I witnessed this. I was almost late for work. Maybe if he apologized, I would feel better instead of feeling that my precious time was wasted because before my work, I was going to get some stuffs which was planned 2 days ago. All I want was a "Sorry" !!!!!

Have you read the Newspaper today? It was about Ugly Singaporeans. About an uncle who was the first to witnessed an accident for 15mins. He refused to call the ambulance, or the police. He even stopped the lady with him from getting water for the vitmins. It was until some malay passerby saw it and called the ambulance, they tried to help the victimes too..... But in the end, 2 was rescused and 2 died. The ones who died were only 18 and 20 respectively (only poly students!!). Maybe if he made the call, everything would be different. I don't understand how can someone be so heartless. Why are they in SG? They make this country look so selfish and emotionless. Does it hurt make a call than to see 2 life lost infront of you? If I am able to see that uncle, I would love to ask him some questions. "What would you do if one of the boy in the car was your son? & upon hearing that someone actually witnessed the accident but refused to do anything how will you feel?" He needs a slap!! Or rather more than a slap! Maybe if he called the ambulance, everything would have been different! The boys might have survived!! I HATE this uncle, like really really.

Why does the world look so small, ugly and selfish to me now?