Sunday, February 24, 2008

Uncle's birthday

SATURDAY; I saw Yvonne. Then I realised, SHIT~ I forgot to wish her happy birthday this year. Sucha lousy friend here :( We went to shop for D's parent's birthday gift at Plaza Sing (Today(Sunday) was Uncle birthday & Auntie's next week). Saw YuLing. Settled on a Goldlion belt & a Charm. The charms were nice so I bought 2 more for my Mum and Dad. $_$ Then D bought me a erm.. I-don't-know-what-is-it-called aiya, just something. I am starting to be like those girls/ladies out there who spends their boyfriend's money like they are free because they don't earn the money themselves. DANG! I gotta stop stop stoppp... I don't wanna depise myself for that.

SUNDAY; We went out in the noon after RE-watching "Night at the museum" on SCV. Boyfriend couldn't stand me and went "Can you stop rolling your eyes?!" LOL~ Because he kept picking clothes for me to try or just to putting near me to see how I look like with them on!! And settled on a BYSI top and yeah, I love that top. Rushed home as the reservation made at a restaurant for the birthday dinner was at 7pm. I saw my favourite M&M~~~~

Meddled with the rest of the photo albums containing D's baby pics after dinner! & I stole some photos :D There was one where his mum was showering him and I don't know who took the photo when he was 1years old. All naked and he refused to admit that the baby was him! (at first he really thought the baby was someone else till I asked his parents! MUAHAHA)

Only 1 visual as the dark rings around my eyes are getting darker and darker :( Obviously no light make up was put so no no to camera!!

Side Note; I need eyebrown trimming/shaping!! Maybe sometime later this week.