Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another new laptop

Regarding our little tiff, It was over. Thanks for the concern~ We're perfectly fine and still very very in love. & D is finally coming back from his field camp tmr! He missed our monthsary yesterday :(

I am like so busy everyday to even update my blog. Dinner at 9.40pm almost every night is killing me because I'll jump straight into bed at 11pm when my food is not even partially digested. If this goes on, .............. OKOK, I can't imagine anymoreeeeeeeeee.

On a happier note; I am getting myself another laptop tomorrow!!

My current laptop is reaching 2years old soon! And the laptop I'll be getting tmr is diff from my current one because I paid for it myself(Dad paid for my current laptop). I earned every cent myself! Satisfaction~ But the only sad thing is that I am not getting Pink/White Vaio because Acer's specifications/hardwares are much more attractive as compared to them :/ Buying a new laptop doesn't mean isolating the old one. I'll still be using the 2 of them.

Believe me people, Karma do exist! Remember me saying a friend who looked as though she's suffering from schizophrenia & is causing conflicts everywhere? She's gone! As far as I know, gone from my surrounding friends too because (insert situation here). Can't elaborate but trust me, it's nothing good. It's back to peaceful life for me~~~~ Or rather, US! :D

I just realised I still have some leftovers(pictures) from my previous post not uploaded. Another day perhaps! Busy busy busy!

May everyone be as happy as what I'm feeling now~