Sunday, March 02, 2008

Be VERY sick of me!

9 guys in 2 cars (: So all of us were spared from public transportations~ Shopped a little and drove to Plaza Sing for Movie. "Meet the Spartans" I swear it was a boring and lame show. Regretted watching it. 9tickets, nearly a hundred bucks wasted. I should have known/guessed that it was almost the same as Epic Movie. DUHHHH.

2types of curls; 1 straight. 3 in total

The sent me and Adel home before going for supper.

And weeeeeeeee~ I bought a dress today!! :D

Side Note; D called me at 0945hr saying that he was coming over. I thought he was angry over something because he refused to tell me the reason why he is coming over. In the end, I was really really never in my whole life, I've ever felt this way before.