Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Coffee, Tea or Me?

Egg Muffin, Hotcakes, Egg Muffin, Hotcakes, Egg Muffin, Hotcakes??

Stucked at Mcdonalds this morning not knowing what to order because I am craving for both, the egg muffin & the hotcakes.
So I bought both and saved the egg muffin for lunch.
(I hate eating cold food but I can't help because I seldom get to visit Mac before 11am)

I hate the fact that I am always caught between two things.

& now, I can't decide to dye my hair Black or maintain the brown now.
(FYI, I need to touch up on those black hair again & I can't stand the rate they are growing at)
*roll eyes*

I don't wanna dye now and the next moment regret like what I did for my laptop. I didn't even take the new laptop out from its new laptop bag since last week.

To make matter worst, One of my fillings dropped out from its cavity. Disgusting but luckily only the little top part of the filling dropped, the rest of its body are still intact, nicely sticking to my tooth. So I do not have to worry much for the moment BUTTTTTT my next(every 6months) dental appointment is on 17 July. God bless. Too bad they are close now otherwise I would rush there IMMEDIATELY. Left with no choice but to call them tomorrow morning and see if they have earlier slots for me :( & This is my karma for chewing too much ice. I don't know why but I can't refrain myself from chewing them whenever drink cold water.