Sunday, March 02, 2008

Good food on the way

It's D.mummy's birthday today. So I joined his family for a seafood feast located at Hougang @ Seafood Paradise Restaurant. For superb seafood, Visit them at Defu lane 10~~ All the prawns, crabs etcetc were omgly fresh. Lucky reservations were made otherwise we would have to wait & D would be late for his book in!! (Don't expect me to wish her happy birthday here for she doesn't read my blog(s) and I am not like those idiots who wishes/thanks/orwadsoever everyone on his/her blog(s))

(Wahhh, So mean of me to say this. HAH!! But seriously what, If they don't read your blog then you say so much for what. Idiotic/stupid act right? HAHAHA. I wonder how many people have I offended with this sentence of mine, but I strongly believe that most people agrees with me!! Right Right? :P)

I love their 醉虾~~~~~~
Other than fish, crabs and prawns are my no.2 favorite seafood!!

Their Crab with Vermicelli also tasted heavenly. (Their crabs are HUGE, and damn meaty) It keeps me asking for more(I am refering to the vermicelli :P).

Their Beancurd in mini wok with scoops of pork floss added on top of them as a finishing touch tasted unique as well. The only thing I didn't like was the "田鸡" dish because I don't know how to eat them!!

I like the crispy crackers on top of the meat~

Too many dishes to be named. I can't exactly remember what have they ordered too because I was too busy indulging them. HEHEHE.

But the bad thing was that......we waited quite long for our food. Can't help. All the tables were full.

Side Note; All the food pictures above were not taken by me! I have got better things to do than to take pictures of all those food! I don't have to take a picture of everything I ate. Otherwise my entry would be boring so I went to look for them online. HEHEHE. But they're still dishes from Seafood Paradise! (only that the servings look smaller than what we had for dinner just now as we had 8adults & 2 kids along)

Had desserts at the west side of SG. "Rice balls" I had the peanut flavoured ones with almond&peanuts based soup~ (I don't like to eat peanuts for they are too dry and heaty but I ONLY love rice balls if they are filled with peanuts) Weird uh? That's because they taste less dry and sweeter when they are rice balls! :D

Presenting you the Cutie Max~

Now, I'm fretting over the dress I bought yesterday because I have no bags to match with it :( & I am saving my money for something else that will affect me in ALOT of ways.

No Shopping. No Shopping. No Shopping.

I almost broke the golden rule by dragging D out for some shopping. But D stopped me. Wah lau. Asking girls to stop shopping is like asking smokers to stop smoking. Damnit lah. I am not touching the sum of money in my bank and I can't bear to use the money in my safebox too~ Poor thing. Pffft. Nvm. Bear with it BEAR WITH IT!!!

Not shopping means saving money. WOOHOOO. How happy -.- ARGHHH!

On a happier note; I am meeting my most treasured friend this Thursday~ & that's HY!! :D Hope that it won't be cancelled. Pray that we won't shop but that's like almost impossible.