Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hello, I'm back!!

THURSDAY; I spent nearly SGD3000 (: Heartache when I looked at my bank balance. I don't like my new laptop. I was like "forced" to buy it under some circumstances. I don't like Window Vista. Startup; slow, Shutdown; slow. :( But because it's new, I bought screen protector, keyboard protector, laptop bag, laptop skin bla bla bla. REGRETTTTTTT BUYING THEM LUH! But since bought, what's the point of complaining? *pfft* .......I could have saved the money, and give them to my parents. That's what a filial daughter should do instead of splurging around. :( *guilt stricken*

FRIDAY; Work work & work. & super busy with my storybook.

SATURDAY; BUGIS-ed. Parco & Village. Siannnn. Crowds crowds crowds and the warm weather made it worst. Anyway, like usual, It's empty handed again. (because its Village I am talking about). So we STROLLED to town. My feets were hurt from the prolonged walking. & We saw Fred Perry Polo in XS size. (Previously we went to Tangs and the sales lady said that Fred Perry don't produce XS size, therefore, their smallest size is S, which is way too big for D) Maybe sales person should do some research before promoting their stuffs!! (I haven't work in retail line before but if I ever work as a sales person, I'll gladly do some research first before embarrassing myself.

SUNDAY; We went out, got nothing and spent nearly SGD200 in total for 2hours. (I can't help feeling that we got cheated though D thinks the other way round. WOO~ I am like SOOOO poor now. Really reallllllly. I wish the next pay slip will come in tomorrowwww. 2 more weeks :(
The only HAPPY thing I bought this week was my new storybook. SAADDDD. So much money spent, so little smiles.

Wasabi Tei-ed few days ago.


I need more reasons to smile :(

& it's SWEETDREAMS again people {;