Friday, March 07, 2008

It's Feast Time!

Dinner time~ Met up for Dinner which was planned 2 weeks ago.
Plaza Sing; Ichiban.
I don't know how much the bill went up to but I'm curious about the total amount!!
After eating, we went to the toilet to camwhore a little and proceeded to Gelare.
Stupid Icecreams.
I won't be surprise if I put on another KG.
Because I am not doing anything to get rid of them and still taking in all the calories.

It took me 2hours to load the pictures because for every picture I load,
I spent 10 chatting on MSN before loading the next one.

EVAN : MY MY, You're a small lady now.
*ahem* I am one in the first place!!

& the time now is 1.20AM.

BUHBYEE! I needa sleep because there's work tmr.

Side Note; I hope everything remains the way it is.

(These are only 1/4 of our food)