Sunday, March 09, 2008

One in a million

Was I wrong?
How about the wait, empty stomach, and msg?
Was it too much to ask for? No.
Why didn't you avoid so that we can save all the heartbreak?

I felt so lost all of a sudden.
What can we do?

I bet its hearts all over the world tonight.

Work, and BF dropped by my place after he booked out. TV-ed for an hour and JJ dated us for supper(my dinner)! Since he's driving, Why not?! :D Headed to Derek's place to wake him up but his mum did not open the door for us :/ *Pffft* We went for Pratasssss opposite our secondary school. & Home sweet home after that.

SATURDAY; BF was supposed to look for me after my work & his date with his bros. I got upset when he didn't even bother to send me an sms because he was busy enjoying with them! (I am so insignificant lahhhhh! Guys will never understand how we feel!) We had a tiff and I went home! Played Wahjong with Coffee and surfed the net till 0300hr! (HEHEHE, Even though I haven been playing it for like 2-3hrs a week but BF says that I am still very noob in MJ :( )

SUNDAY; Woke up at 0930hr & BF bought breakfast over. After eating, we went to VIVO. He got himself a Polo Tee while I got nothing after shopping/looking for 2hours. So we bus-ed to Queensway Shopping Centre. &&&& We bought nothing!! -.- Settled our dinner and had Rice Balls for desserts again. EWWW @ the rice balls they served, they don't even taste like rice balls. Bus-ed back to his place & I fell asleep with a bloated stomach. Before D's book in, we went to the nearest NTUC to get some food as he needa buy them for his upcoming field camp. Saw Mum & Dad there so I went home with them after D paid for his stuffs to save D's Dad from the trouble of sending me home. (FYI, D and me stay very near each other & that's we bumped into my parents at NTUC)

Below are some pictures before I went to have those extensions removed.

Her lashes are real Okay!!

My my, This is really ugly.

She's so satisfied with her new brows~

My eyes looked weird in this picture so I had no choice but to spoil everything!

Side Note; Took a number of pictures with D too but my eyes looked weird in all the pictures because I was very very very very tired/sleepy :/