Saturday, March 22, 2008

The sun in my sky

I finished my new book within 2days. A total of near 700pages.
Instead of buying them, I am going to visit the library tomorrow {;

Side Note; Even Adel is so addicted to my book. I can't link her with my book, It seems like fire & water, fire & water, fire & water?!?!?!?!

The KIND HEARTED me helped an old lady with her 25kg bag and walked 1 freaking BIGGG round with her few days ago. That bag weigh more than half of my weight please~ If I don't offer to help her, she can't manage & all the others were blind!! UGLY;SELFISH SINGAPOREANS! & my palms feel so rough now ;( To make matter worst, I actually missed my bus while helping her and waited for 15mins for another bus to come ;(

Dropped by DFS to look for D's 21st birthday gift. Chosen, decided, & getting it when his big day draws near. (It is too early to get it for him now)

New lenses made my eyes look brighter~ Hey, I didn't edit them okay.

The nerd me. & FYI, that's WJ's specs (:
& D said I looked like lao shiiiiiiii. Teacherrrrr.

Almost 3 same shots -.-

Happier Note; If nothing goes wrong, I will be dropping by any HP shop for my new phone {; Will decide on the model later in the afternoon.