Friday, March 21, 2008

An ugly shell

JJ drove, fetched D and me for supper at 12midnight with Ivy;Derek;Das;CG. I had the very-unique-super-nice-I-like fishball noodles.

& I came across this phone! I was told that It was released last christmas, so it is roughly about 4months old already.

SE w960i. Nice right~~ So sleek. PDA style(There's a pen). And to top everything, It's glosssssssyyyy. I saw someone using it, prettayeee(you can't tell much from a picture!). Up to 8GB in-built memory but... I don't like walkman phones! :( & It's cam is only 3.2megapixel.

& I saw this 5megapixel phone butttt.....

Wahhh, The backview so nice righhhttt?

Look at the front view. So ugly man!

If only this phone's design is similar to w960i :(

Phone phone on it's way~~~