Tuesday, April 08, 2008

3 more days!!

2nd entry of the day!

Lousy quality I know!

Lucky Mr Spaghetti drove.
So we were spared from this.

The rain!

While the driver was busy looking at the road ahead,
the passengers were not as free as you think.

Mr Coffin was pretending to drive at the back.

Introducing Mr Sleek.

As you can see, Mr Coffin and Mr Sleek were rather busy posing for me.

We felt guilty for making Spaghetti drive so we invited him to join us!
But his face was disorted so a flower for him!

Meanwhile, this pair of new pumps was killing me.


Despite all the fun,
I still miss boyfriend :(

Jellybeans from Boyfriend before he book in on Sunday.

I am so looking forward to this Friday because I get to see D, & it's his exact big day(not forgetting chalet!)

Ready with his birthday present and cake (:

Some overdues which I was lazy to load previously.