Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The BIG day

Wahahaha~ People have been hurrying me to update this post & it seems that I have been taking my own sweet time.

Note; Heavy on Visual.


Side Note; Some pictures are blurred because my cam was passed ard, I don't know who took them and I accidentally changed it to the less clear mode :(

Day 1 - 11th April 08, D's actual day

The very heavy bag to start with :(

Derek, Boyfriend and me went to get all the stuffs needed for the chalet.
CG met us at BF's place and 2hours later, RW came and pick us up to check in~

The only source of entertainment was driving to malls and pokers.

He took the bear and made some noise which Mr Bean loves to do. So dumb. LOL

RW did not brought any clothes along so we had to go to the mall to get his clothes.

JJ & DAS arrived few hours after he booked out and they started to play Mahjong.

RW slept at 12mn, BF and me slept at 0200hr & The bros slept at 0700hr!

Day 2 - 12th April 08 - Where the Fun starts

It was so funny how BF wanted to wake them up for breakfast at 0700+
We gave up in the end and bought food back for them at 0930.
They didn't want to wake up after D stole all their blanket and stuffs like that.
So I searched their bags for toothbrush, washed them, squeezed toothpaste on it and handed it to them.
& then, they started to Mahjong again. Lunch @ downtown east.

The no-waist-top which made me look really fat -.-

After lunch, the guys started to take some "dumb" pictures. lol.

Damn funny. They called this the Formal Army Picture.

And the below one is the Informal one.


We went to the beach and it started to drizzle!
So unlucky please. The guys wanted to go there to take some nice nice pics.

The toy Derek bought. Anyway it belongs to Max now :D:D
Marcel was like so GOD damn afraid of it especially when it lights up.
Whose fault? DEREK! For not bringing back this smelly toy.

After Huiyan, Mingyu & PEH arrived, people started to come in in twos and threes.

I love him, he loves me. We are happy family. With a great big heart and a kiss from me to him. Won't he says he love me too?

I look s fat and ugly in this damn picture.

The skinnny skinnnnnny guys.

If you are wondering what is Mr Spaghetti doing, Mr Pineapple was in labour and he was trying to help by calling out " 1...2...3.. PUSHHHHH"

Little Miss Orh Orh and Miss Ribbons!

Boyfriend was like damn busy throughout as there were alot of people from different groups, they did not know each other so he had to play a big part.

We had to beg him to come over for this shot :(

Another Miss Orh Orh and her Pek Pek boyfriend.

The fat spaghetti.

Boyfriend said we should order a smaller cake so we settle on Oreo cheesecake 1.6kg only.

And everyone was too full for the cake! Lucky lucky lucky that I didn't waste the money to order the big one.

We didn't manage to squeeze everyone into the picture.

FYI, there were more BBQ-ing, chatting at the side.

With Yikqi before she went back (:

The guys continued to Mahjong all the way till 4am.
While the rest played pokers, gossip, drink and stuffs.

I had a small win of $20~ lol.

DAS was abit tipsy after GULPING down 8 cups of Jonny Walker and Barcadi.
(I don't think i got the correct spelling of the alcohol :/)
& He vomitted twice. LOL~~ LoussSsSsSsssY.

Day 3 - 13th April 08 - The Check Out Day

Boyfriend and me had something on at 1100am so we had to check out earlier.
HuiYan left with us.
Went for breakfast. Headache throughout the listening as we were too tired from the chalet.
Only afew hours of sleep for the 2nights :(

We went home, rest awhile, put down all the bags&bags of presents(ranging from Fred Perry to FCUK to Topman to Different Vouchers to DVD player & many others. LOL. But when it all ends, it's the thoughts that counts :D), heavy bag filled with dirty clothes, and went straight for shopping!!
HEHEHEHE. Poor Boyfriend.
Got myself another Ripcurl bag (:

Side Note; Look Hunny~ I haven't bought any shoe this week! Isn't that an achievement? HEHEHE.

Went for dinner with his family.
& M&M came over~~ Loveloves~

Boyfriend bought my favourite titbits for me when he went out to get some stuffs :)

We took over a hundred pictures but it took me quite some time to load all these so I am giving up on the rest!! :{ RAAHHHH.

We're done with all the April babies. Next party is at May~ HY's BBQ (:

PS(on behalf of bf) : For those we came, Thank you for making the effort to turn up. Your presence was very much appreciated. For picture wise, Please be patience with me :) so please stop rushing. YES YOU DEREK. and the rest! :/