Thursday, April 03, 2008

Black eyeliner

I was on the train this morning(8am) with a bunch of indians then I started to wonder if they or any other black people put on black eyeliner? Because since they are already that dark(not tanned!), is their eyeliner visible when they put on?(The bunch I saw wasn't wearing any make ups)

Side Note; I am not trying to be racist or whatsoever. Just a simple wonder of mine.

So when I reach home at 1300hr in the afternoon, I went online trying to search for pictures of black people with eyeliners and I found none(maybe I am lousy or something). Maybe indians don't wear eyeliners after all! For the next few days, I guess I be doing boring and stupid stuffs like observing indians when they board the bus/train or anything. Trying to find out does indians(or any really dark people) apply eyeliners. HEHEHEHEHE.