Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wordy Wordy Wordy

das* says:
wah your blog
das* says:
nice update
das* says:
when i was scrolling through
das* says:
like memoriess
Yo people~ Just hung up the phone with Boyfriend.
Yay~ He's coming to fetch me on Friday at 2pm!
I thought we were done with the April babies but NOPE!
We are heading to Eskibar in the evening(Did I get the spelling right?) for his friend birthday on Friday.
& I THINKKKKK Boyfriend is going to Fereen's 21st birthday on Sat.
Why are there so many April babies?!!??!

Well anyway, He was sneezing non stop.
Boyfriend : Wahh. I didn't know you miss me this much.
ME : Don't be disgusting. LOL.

& then he said that if I did not sneeze, it is a good thing because it means that hes missing me! RUBBBBISH. lol.

Yesterday, I didn't took Spaghetti's car back because I was going elsewhere. And I was half wet due to the rain.
The sarcastic Spaghetti said "All these happened because you didn't publish your post!!"

Lol. Actually I finish loading all the pictures at 12pm yesterday & he was like asking me to publish for him to see but I did not because I haven't type any word!

Headed to Bugis with Shirlyn & Janice.
We got a top each!!
Girls, Remember to bring your PRETTY umbrellas out please!
Don't make your own assumptions by thinking that it won't rain cause in the end, it's you who suffer, you'll get drenced(that's smth embarrassing), wet & sick!
This applies to everything you do/think! Assumptions don't do you good!!
Oh I sound like a mum. JUST BRING YOUR UMBRELLA LAH! Hahaha.

Monday was good because Boyfriend came to fetch me! Had Botak Jones for dinner but I ask too full to eat so I stole like 1/10 of his share. We did some stupid acts while waiting for the bus. LOL. Not only Monday was good actually. In fact, It was everyday ever since the "guy with the float around his belly" & the "stingy-one" got out of our life.


When things get boring.....

Side Note; My hair was messy because I bunned it up~ So It looked all out of place.

Wah lau, I think I am in love again. How How?
How ar?
Oh please don't make me PUKE. Like really really. Thank you.
Oh love~~~~~ Don't be jealous pleaseeeeeeeee