Monday, April 21, 2008

God damn touched

I am so PROUD of you~~~~~~~~

It was all thanks to ZC that it came to my knowledge of what he did for me. Sometimes, if that person really really loves you, he would do ANYTHING for you and trust me! My guy did it, something he have never ever done it before I think, and that is to protect me! I don't think he had never really protected anyone. MAN! You're a man! I feel so important~

Now the part is that when IT thought that everyone was laughing at you, but the other bunch of people are looking up to you! As the saying goes, "Thou who can't get the grapes, complained that the grapes are sour". Maybe IT was really refering to us or to others for all we know, afterall, IT was famous for its "motor mouth". Like we all know, there are too many examples for us to quote. :D

"Motor mouth" ::: JK quoted me this phrase. HAHA! {;

Been really reallllllly reaaallllly long since I stumbled into that URL. Even after hearing so many stuffs, I still don't find the "need" to visit. You know, I am not someone who is SO narrow minded. I've got a big heart!! :P I forget really easily.

Things would have been clean and peaceful until one day, that "motor mouth" started its engine again(about a year ago I guess). I guess that's how things started to turn nasty.

I know when I typed this post, things will get nastier. But since I have no intentions of continuing this "war", So I might as well have my final say here. Like I mind you saying me. & like my hunny said, "We don't get to see it anyway". Go on Go on.

and oooohhhh baby, someone from our old sch reckons that I should post this.....
He refers the "I" in the passage as me.

I have never been so happy in my life... cause i noe for once i found SOMEONE who truely love me, SOMEONE who would go to no expense to make my day right... thank god for giving me such a wonderful GUY in my life... i mus have done many good in my previous life to only reap the rewards in my so-perfect life now... turns out it really felt good to have a shoulder i could lean on, a person whom i could trust to be there for me when i needed him... oh man.. at this point of time i dunno wat else to look forward to anymore... because i already have the best things in the world!

My.... you shouldn't be involved in this too so I am not quoting your name before someone changes it target and starts to aim at you. Hurry up and thank me {;

I am so glad there are alot more matured thinking people living in this beautiful world.

For the first time, the great man stood up, and because of him, other things look really really really small to me now. (When I mean small, I really mean it {; ) As long as I've got him, nothing else really matters. Too touched to say anything more. For your sake, I'll bear with everything(the bombs, bitchings so on and so forth) that are on its way. I love you :)