Sunday, April 06, 2008


Sometime it's a little too late to realise something,someone's gone.
Bear that in mind, learn how to cherish and make no regrets (:

Friday after D's book out, he came over to my place and passed me these! :D:D:D:D

Mine mine mine!

One of the little thing in that little bag (;

Saturday was a good day excluding the fact that I got nagged by Boyfriend for buying another pair of shoe. (Adel bought 1 too)

I went to develop photos to stick on the wall (;

The usual Pedicure (: Strawberry toes, ilove {;

For close up look.

SAT's night. Buffet at my cousin(Alice)'s house because it was her 21st birthday. Damn. So many birthdays coming up!

Side Note; Today is Max's 3rd birthday! :D

Some played mahjong, I played 2games for D and I won 1. HEHEHE! Still a newbie :P

Photos of the wedding day! Spot me spot me!! There's me and D in this page.

Side Note; There were 6-7 BIG albums.

As mentioned, Today is Max's birthday so we went to get him presents! :D
We went to OG to get him a Tomy Remote Control Nissan Car (;
( and 2 tops. 1 for Big M, the other for small M )

Then, we stopped at this section whereby they display/sell miniature of cars like Subaru etc etc.

Boyfriend wanted to get one for himself -.-
WHAT A kid -.-

*fwahs* How come no watch caught my eyes??

What will tomorrow be like?