Thursday, April 03, 2008


This is going to be a very normal post with NO pictures. Reason being that is because I didn't really visit anywhere or shopping. :(

I took a nap at 3pm. Long long time since I last slept in the noon. lol. But the thunder had to end it all at 1630hr. I woke up feeling extremely hungry because the last thing I ate was a hotdog bun at 9am. (I only had 1 meal Lunch-Cum-Dinner yesterday!!) So I waited and waited and waited fro my bro to reach home(because I don't wanna cook maggie and eat) but he ended up telling me the rain was too big for him to go out and help me get my Lunch-Cum-Dinner(again).

I feel so pitiful for myself because I was cold and hungry. LOL. Then half an hour later, Dad came home with my favourite rice~~~~~

Boyfriend's sis is coming back from London tmr! She will arrive in SG in the evening! :D:D:D:D Can't waitttttt. GUCCCCIII. If she didn't manage to find the design I want, it means that I gotta visit DFS to get it :( OHHHH~ Do they have the spring summer collecction~~ Ok. Stop being so idiotic.

I am happy because I MAY get to see my gucci tmr, I WILL get to see Boyfriend tmr & It's the weekends!!

Lovely weekend people! {;