Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy girl??

NOOOOOOOOO. The workers aren't done with my living room yet!
Poor Raven who has been suffering for more than a week.
Staying at home(going to the park for 30mins daily), watching them doing things, listening all the banging and hammering, he can't sleep. So when night falls, he is always extremely tired.

Sometimes in this life, you have to learn how take jokes.
If you can't, you will die in the reality for the world is always filled with jokes.

Playing too much will land 2 in a very awkward situation.

Tomorrow is a PH. Then it's Friday, Sat & Sun. Long holiday for me and boyfriend :)
Miss you Hunny.

I bought 2 Precious thots photo frames. 1 for you, the other one for me,
With our smiling picture in it and the snow floating around, total bliss.

XOXO. When you saw this, you should have receive it already. Loves.

The best speaker for the 2nd time~ :)

I have never said that I want to be a happy girl.