Sunday, April 27, 2008

Perm the ladies

As far as I am concern, There are only 3 May babies in my list (including Dad's).
I am so going to get him a proper present this year.
And Mum's too. Hers is in July.
Told her I wanna get her a Gucci wallet or something but she said, "Give me the money then!"

Janice, Shirlyn & me can't get enough of each other on weekdays so we met up yesterday!
Thanks to Adel, who happened to be around, bought the pair of heels which I wanted, so I saved some $$.
To thank her for that, I paid for her necklace -.-

HEHEHE. (also saved myself from D's naggings)

I was so noble yesterday. Shirlyn's feet was filled with blisters so I wore her heels and she wore my flats. SO NOBLE PLEASE. Omg, I am so touched by myself. HAHAHA. Kidding.

I caught the last train home :)
& Dad came to specially fetch me home from the MRT station for there was no more bus & I think taking cab alone during midnight is dangerous. LOL. So paranoid.


After brushing up, I went to pack my room & the living room.
Damn the workers. They are not done with the renovation yet :( Afew more days to go.
&&&& the whole of 1st storey is going to be air-conditioned :)

But at the moment, my house look like a rubbish dump for everything is not in place. So so so messy. Wish the workers would just speed up and get things done. It's so not cosy for now. :(

I'll be back tonight with the rest of the overdues!!~

Side Note; My hair is fully brown now. Touch up done :)

Note; Hunny is in camp doing his guard duty tonight :(