Friday, April 25, 2008

Pray for Tomorrow

Life was/and still is pretty fun.
Nothing can really bring you down when all the cool&funny people exist in your life.
I guess the last April Baby in my friend list was yesterday.
Too bad we can't make it down to Xian's chalet :(

So many pictures from so many days~
But but but You know I've got like nearly a hundred pictures but I am restricted from posting them for they are all about the hottest couple in D 2008~
SADD~ If only I can share them there............. But it's their privacy. lol

Side Note; I still have alot of overdues in the other laptop!!

& thanks to LWM,

My pretty nails....

became this :(

WB's birthday cake on Tues.

You can't think like those gays!
You won't figure out what they are doing unless you are gay yourself.

I didn't know my hair is so brown. I don't like!!!

I am so stupid lah. Connection wasn't down.
Just that I plugged in the wrong cable to the wrong USB port. ;{
Felt really guilty for making Jon.L come all the way down for a stupid cable usb.

I'll pray for you tmr :)