Monday, April 28, 2008

SGT Xing

Thought that yesterday I would be a good girl and stay at home but I was proven wrong.
I went shopping and dinner with Xing~
It was stupid. I was ready to step out of house at 5.30pm then I realise, my ezlink is not in my wallet.
So I went around looking for it. Room, Living room, bags, Dad's car for nearly 1hour.
Then I opened my drawer..... It was sleeping in there. zZz.
Rushed out to meet HX after that.

Got myself a nice top and shorts :)

We had dinner at Pastamania.
Venue changed ; price changed. So long since I ate Pasta.
She had to book it so I asked her to help me pass Hunny some "doughnuts alike" food.
(Hunny needs some delights to make up for his sunday guard duty!!)
She was posted to the same camp as Hunny~ :D A sgt.

Because of this nights out, I did not complete alot of stuffs that I was supposed to do :(

A smile and its over. So hard to handle, so scary.