Sunday, April 20, 2008

Short weekend

So How did I end my week?
Weekends are always so short and fast :(

Hair Mask-ed.
Manicure/Pedicure Done.
Eyebrows shaped.

Dad is renovating the 2 living rooms :(
& the workers will be here for a week starting from tmr.
All the drillings and knocking are going to kill me during the weekends.
Lucky I won't be home till night during the weekdays.

The poor boyfriend thought that he would be bringing shoppings bag home but he went home empty handed(excluding my shopping bags).
I bought 2 pairs of jeans on impluse and a dress.
(The 2 jeans itself emptied my wallet (Not as little as you think but not THAAAAAAT much either), so I had to withdraw another sum of money incase other stuffs caught my eyes.
Didn't had the chance to enter any shoe shop as everytime I spotted one, Hunny would pull me away.

I have been overspending on food and shopping(3tops and 2 jeans this week!!). I don't mind spending on good food but all the food that I have been eating are the norms. And I spent 3digit figure on JUNK food alone(for Mon-Fri only). Pathetic lah. Can someone save my bank balance please? Reimbursement will only come in at the end of the month :(

We've got 4 free tickets to Escape theme park/Wild Wild Wet but Hunny gave 2 away.
I want another weekend to come ASAP so that we will be able to go and play&relax!

I am so elated because I will be able to see the bunch of cool people tmr. Erika....Janice....Shirly....Noor....... and others~~

Time for bed. Goodnight! {;