Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Today is a bad day!!


Details later.

Woke up at 7am in the morning. Met up with Derek & CG. Drove to Jurong Point and they caught Empress and the warriors. I don't like fighting shows so I gave it a miss and wandered around on my own. The pair of shoe I wore today caused alot of blisters. zZz. & I had to wait till 7pm to see D~ (It was his nights out) So I waited and waited.... for 3hours. & DEARESTTTT HUIYAN accompanied me :D:D:D She came to look for me after her work. Wah lau. Tell me, where can you find such good friend?!?!?!

7pm, D came, HY left to look for her friend. I dragged D to BATA because I wanted to get 1 pair of shoe from there. Cheap cheap!! He helped me with the colour of the shoe (: After that, We went to get my PINK umbrella, his titbits and Home sweet home~~~~~~~(oh, I opened another bank account for savings :D)

I skipped his mum's home cooked food as I was too full. His dad sent me home. On the way, my left eye contact lens dropped out. & The moment I stepped out of the car, I realised, I LEFT MY HANDPHONE AT D's HOUSE. Damn sian. D was already back at camp. So I rang his house up. Showered and went over to get my phone. zZzZzZzZzZz. What a waste of time and energy.

The only thing that cheered me up today was my pretty nails.

Ignore that stain on my last finger :x

I'm sooooooooooo hungry right now but it's late already.