Saturday, April 19, 2008

Supper = Calories

The time is 1.15am/20.o4.o8 but I am editing the time to 11:59pm/19.o4.o8 {;

I just came back from supper with Boyfriend and bros(Derek, JJ, IVY, CG).
6 of us in two cars and headed to Bukit Timah for the 24hours HK cafe.
I am sooooo damn sleepy but at the same time, soooooo damn full.
So I thought of allowing my food to digest for 30mins before I jump into bed.

I am like so-very-lazy to on the other laptop so I am posting the only one I got here.

Boyfriend left Fereen's birthday party early to meet me :)
I didn't tag along because I had something on and I don't like to go anywhere with so many "strangers" around. They make me feel weird.

Oh yea~ The sweet boyfriend offered to get me SE w960i but I rejected the offer because I still think that getting it in July can save us some money! Haha. Although it is only afew hundreds different but since I am recontracting in July might as well wait righhhhhhtttxzxz?

Maybe he did something wrong and was spotted kissing another girl, OR seeing another girl behind my back (LOL~~) so he is trying to make up for it! Hunny, A phone won't do, you will have to give me a HUGE palace if you did any of these! :P You know I was just kidding! (:

Ahhhh. Need to get some beauty sleep now or the dark rings will come out and play tomorrow.

Another shoppping day!!!!!!! HEHEHEHE.

Lovely night! (: