Friday, April 11, 2008

The day(EDITED)

I felt like spending some money yesterday so I asked Janice to accompany me.
But I got nothing :( while she got a pair of shoe :(


& The guys had to accompany me to town to get D's ______.

Long John Silver for dinner before we start the journey.

Yay. Finally, Tomorrow. The long awaited day.

We spent $330++ on Fred Perry.
The thing I bought cost $200, so Das and CG got a T-shirt each($69 each) in order for me to receive Fred Perry membership.
After Fred Perry @ Cine, we walked to Shaw house for Borders.


Can you believe that Das and CG left borders with 2 books($50)?!
The world is changing~~~~ Books definitely don't suits them! :P

I wanted to do my Manicure but there wasn't enough time!
By the time we left borders it was already 9plus and all the shops were already close :(

Life has been pretty good with these 2 girls (:

Let's peek at my gift for D this year....

I hope he loves it {;

Side Note; I don't understand how come guy's wallet are so much cheaper than girl's. You can get guy's one starting from 400plusplusplus onwards but girl's one is like 500plus onwards? ;{

Today wasn't as good as the previous few days because of that F________.
(Don't have to guess. It's not Fucker. It's a name)
Tell me! Do I really care if you are errrr, let's say, someone Junior or Senior?

Side Note; I will be away for 3D2N but I'll be bringing my laptop there.
Hope I get to blog~ ^^