Saturday, April 19, 2008

Total bliss

MORNING YO~ I am up so so early!

I met D for dinner at Sakae Sushi~ I brought out my digicam but the battery was flat. ;{ HAHAHA. It was stupid because I was already out when I realised that I forgot to bring my ezlink card. So I went home, took off my pumps, climbed the stairs and up into my room. Took the card, went down the stairs, put on my pumps, off I go. Then, I forgot to bring my cam, So I went back and did the same stuffs over and over again for my camera and handphone. I hate climbing the stairs because its tiring. Next time, When I get married and move out, I only yearn to live in a 4/5 room flat! Raven was looking at me when I ran up and down. I bet if he is able to talk, he will be telling me how stupid I was. LOL~ Lucky dogs can't talk!

The first thing I must order when I step into the restaurant!

I didn't eat alot. It was mainly Hunny who was did the eating.

Then, we couldn't find Eskibar at boatquay/clarkequay and somehow we got lost all because of his friends!!! LOL. So the frustrated boyfriend suggested that we(as in me and him) go shopping instead. We walked and I got a top and boyfriend got me some hydrating products from Body shop, and then we walked again(to Central), and boyfriend got a shirt. I love the fruity fragrance products from The Body Shop!! Although they don't really last but they smell godly sweet. Especially those strawberry and raspberry ones! Bumped into Jon.L~ It was ages since I last saw him.

While waiting for bus to head home, JiaPeng called out "Maybeline!" I panicked and hid behind Boyfriend's back. LOL~
"Eh damn you okay! Next time don't shout so loud in public. HAH~"

I told boyfriend that I don't wanna go shopping this Sunday because my bank and me need some rest. I can't remember the last time when I slept for 8hours :( So lack of sleep. But he said "NO WAY!!!" because wants to shop for clothes. I think he didn't realise that his wardrobe is exploding already. He only nag at me when I buy too many stuffs. But I only bought an AVERAGE of 1 pair of shoe and 2(or 3)tops PER WEEK lehhh! His sister just came back from Thailand with clothes for him again. Boyfriend is so unfair. ;(

Side; While I was halfway through a presentation, "♥ Boyfriend of Maybeline Sim has just signed out" popped up. It was embarrassing, not because of the pop up but because of the nick we've got. HAHAHA. DAMN.

Side Note; The rest of the pictures are still in the other laptop~ Will post it tonight if I reach home early :)