Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The thing about love is I never saw it comin'
You kinda crept up and took me by surprise
And now there's a voice inside my heart that's got me wonderin'
Is this true, I wanna hear it one more time

Move in a little closer
(just a little closer)
Take it to a whisper
Get just a little louder

Began today's entry with some lyrics.

When thing gets boring, just on ur webcam/digicam and start snapping!!
Over 60pictures but only afew for you (:

Come, meet these sweet people.

I ate like a pig today.
Breakfast was MAC, Lunch Waffle, Dinner Waffle & Beancurd!!
(I am already so omgly sick with Mac & waffle but I don't wanna queue for food)
Left the school and headed home at nearly 8pm.

As mentioned, beancurd!! Yes~~ My weekly dosage from Mr Bean again (:

Seriously, I feel like smashing the second laptop. It is getting on my nerves!
I don't understand why why why.
It is new-er than the other laptop but..... oh well, damn it.

& I haven't seen Max or Marcel for the past 3weeks!!
Maybe this weekend?

Last week, I met some scary girlfriend on the train with her boyfriend.
(Around my age but a little gangster type)

They were quarrelling and I could even hear the girl with the Ipod on.
The guy was basically keeping his cool, trying not to aruge but his girlfriend seemed to get louder and louder each second.
Omg, It's like she don't even care or spare some face for her boyfriend when the cabin is actually quite filled with people going to school/rushing to work.
Bet she didn't know how embarrassed he was.
Like really OH-MY-GOD please, so the guy alighted at some random station w/o his GF.
Next, the girl dialed some Numbers and began shouting over the phone again. (Guess she was scolding at him again)

Know what? When I board the train, they were quarrelling, and when I alighted, the girl was still yelling. And the whole journey took me 20minutes.

Poor boyfriend, I would say.

I wasn't kaypoh-ing but the girl was shouting at the top of her voice in the cabin. So tell me, Can I not hear it?

Guys guys, open your eyes wider when looking for a girlfriend to save yourself from such embarrassment. LOL.

Ahhhh. Getting too wordy again.
Good night!