Friday, May 02, 2008

Happy holiday

Time for a decent post. But you'll have to wait for the pervert rocker alike post :(

Hunny turned up to fetch me on Wed to give me a surprise but... Try harder next time hunny. Hah~ Went for Dinner & Home sweet home.

Thurs was the best shopping session for the past few days for I went home with bags& bags&bags of new tops/bottoms. Went to BF's place after that & it was a busy evening spent with Max & Marcel. Love his mum's cooking. Especially Curry and eggs~ (even though I can't take hot/spicy stuffs)

Friday, which is today, Hunny made me really pissed off.
Still, we went to hunt for presents.
Dad's birthday is today.
& HY's BBQ tmr.

I have straight black hair with sleepy eyes??
& Boyfriend was... er... trying to blink.....
(I was wearing my favourite hoodie~~~~)

So like, the workers are finally gone.
Yesterday was their last day.
SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many unpacking to do.
Cleared my wardrobe as well. Threw away LOOOOOOOOOOTSS of clothes.
Hunny helped out as well.
Didn't realise that I have so much clothes until I pack everything together.
I ought to stop shopping for a month or two.


Time for bed! My dark rings are like really really dark :(
Goody night {;