Sunday, May 04, 2008

HY early 20th

US with the birthday girl.

Yesterday was definitely the best gathering ever. (excluding YQ's 21st). So like, I went to town(somerset station) happily to meet up with Yvonny & Yikqi at 7pm. I bought another pair of shoe~~ We were supposed to alight at City Hall to switch train but we were happily gossiping away until Yvonne went "Raffles already" so we alighted and took the escalator up and board the train to Eunos. We were saying something like "Won't miss the stop again" but all thanks to the juicy gossips that we were so engrossed in, we missed our stop again -.- Alighted at K and trained back to E. Cabbed into ECP. Reached there at 8.45pm.

YQ went to took Derek/JJ's car so they were late. 2 BBQ pits were booked and a space for the 10course buffet(ithink). It was like she was celebrating her 21st. Pretty grand except that there's no chalet or swimmming pool. HY even had to change for her cutting-of-cake session. LOL. We settled down and ate our dinner. There were about 100peeps. The guys arrived 20minutes later.

Saw so many sec sch friends.(even those whom I have lost touch with were there too!!) It was like a sec sch gathering.

The cake cutting session was at 1015pm. It was fun~~
Let the pictures do the talking.

Side Note; The wind was really big thus the pictures were all ugly :(

My digicam's flash was too bright for them so both of them blinked together. LOL

Mr Spaghetti & me.

1/2 of the buffet

all the bbq-ing

Time for a group picture.

The night wear~ & the G-string from her friends.

MR & MRS Peh

With CN~

1/2 of her face was filled with cream. Thanks to me, the great missy.

Omg @ .....

Tired after all the fooling around.

We left ECP and went to a PUB @ I-don't-know-where.
We sent YikQi home & Went to elsewhere for supper aftermath.
Chatted & laughed all the way till late.
Guys are good at gossiping too.