Thursday, May 29, 2008

If only.....

Travelled to T3, had Popeyes, and then vomitted. LOL.
Was too full lah. So were the rest, but they didn't vomit.
I still love LoVe LOVE their fish fillets & mashed potatoe!
so unique in taste and I will never get sick of it~

Seriously, I feel like shopping now nOw NOW!!!
Cause I went to bank in Nuffnang's cheque this morning, and my pay just came in few hours ago~

& I wanted to meet up with that stinky HY this weekend but she wasn't free for me :(
NVM~ I'll still be going out anyway. HEHEHE.

Ice skating next weeeeeeek. HEHEHE.

Despite the fact that its holiday next week, I am already fully book for the first week!!

& so, goodnight for now (: