Monday, May 12, 2008


Is it the weather or is it just me?
I am not recovering at all.

School wasn't that fun today.
Lack of laughters & Low appetite.
Skipped breakfast, Had waffle for lunch, skipped dinner.

Took Derek's car back with the guys & Janice.

Reached home at 1800hr. Napped all the way to 2000hr.
I don't feel good.

When others only got 1 reflection to do, I got 2. :(
Thanks to WM.

My laptop skin is not pasted properly :/
What a waste of money~
Am heading down to Sim Lim Square tmr to search for a nicer laptop bag and skin.

Other than that, I know that tmr will be a bad bad day.

HY sent me this picture. So funny please~
This was her DP and I look so unglam.

Accompanied YQ to settle some stuffs for his credit card.
& it was home after that.

Happy belated Mummy's Day~
Ade and me paid for the mother's day dinner we had yesterday.
Dad drove the family to IMM aftermath.

I can't even remember when was the last time the whole family sat down for a nice dinner.
How sad. Everyone is so busy with their own stuffs including me.

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