Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thank You SGfriends!

I didn't expect this. HEHEHEHE.

If you can't view it, visit the link from here.

Bet if there are haters, they would comment there.

Yesterday; The dumb WM left school without his adapter, so me, being kind, sent it to him -.- & he didn't even say "Thank you" !! (remember, you owe me 1 :D) YQ didn't book out(only booking out tmr), so after school, I went to town with the ladies(again!!!!!). Had Kobayashi for dinner. I was already hell full but the ladies still went for Crepes! Then, I bought a top :)

My day; My friends said I look as though I have suffered from a big blow. Did I really look so "haggard" ?? Hell no please~~~~ Just lack of sleep I suppose!! Actually, I really enjoyed myself today because of that idiotic Xuan. Shes one lovable babe.

Mariah Carey's MC2 is the best one so far. I'm so addicted to that album.

Speaking of music, Dad got me a new mp3 and bro a HP, but my mp3 has yet to arrive! ZZZ. (we didn't went to collect it so we asked them to send over) ARGH!

Anywayyyy, visuals next time. Lazy :x