Tuesday, May 27, 2008


My Sunday; Dad bought the family breakfast cum lunch. And it was YQ's house after that (: Max and Marcel wasn't there :(

Monday; Schooooool

Tuesday; HAPPENING~ Test at 9am but I woke up at 8.30am (: Washed up and rushed out w/o combing my hair, or make up. (I had to go to school with glasses :( ) Waited 10mins for cab!! So it was like 8.50am already. But thanks to the cab driver, I reached school at 9.10am & was able to take the test. If I reach 5minutes later, I can jolly well forget about it. Zadyn & WM both flared up during lesson. Not with each other, but with the rest of their mates. Noon was terrible. Today is such a torture. Stayed in school till 8pm. Had KFC for dinner. As usual, to full to even finish half of the burger.

I was/am really busy recently that I don't even have the time to drop by the bank for my Nuffnang cheque!!

& we are so going to the Airport for Popeyes tmr~
I missssssssssssssssss eating Popeyes.
The last time I went there was like 2months ago, or 3? To send YQ's sis off to London.

I feel like spluring.
I have a list of things in my mind.

Luckily, Holiday is coming :)

Does it make a difference?
Cause its like, errrrr, no different from no GSS?
(ahh rubbish! But seriously, I don't see any. This year's GSS is weird.)

Side Note; I am so guilty~~~!!! For making HY so worried, for making her teared, for not being able to meet up with her due to our oh-so-very busy schedules. But we are going to meet up, real soon! Hunny, Holiday is here soon!!

What you see, may not be what you get.

Goodnight {;