Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A treat for you!

& I am down with flu.

1 whole day of laughing, camwhoring and crapping drained all my energy.
Credit goes to Janice, Zadyn, Eric and WM. But main credit goes to WM & Janice. (Today is Janice's favourite day) I wish that time would stop at those moments because I don't want to think of seperation. If only that day wont come. In my dreams maybe. Afterall..... I belong to Science.

Have been eating Mcdonald breakfast, Skipped lunch and went for early dinner at 1700hr for for 3 consecutive days already. If I replace the breakfast with bread, I may be able to shed off some weight! But there is not much variety of food in the morning :/

Monday; Monday wasn't good because of _______. I hate it. Wish it would end soon. & YQ sent over a box of donuts before he book in at night (along with Dad's birthday present). & I bought a pretty pretty pretty pink cap~ My first pink cap! Picture below!

Tues; Usual routine. This this this that that.