Monday, May 19, 2008

What happens in VEGAS?

Met up with the guy who irritates Shirl.(LOL~)
but today, he irritates me more! ;(
and I could do was to "roll eyes".
FYI, I am pretty good at rolling my eyes. :x

& we caught this movie at Shaw House!
Go watch it, it is funny and definitely worth the money! (:
& the both of them are HOT!

Some quotes from the show :::
"Sometimes losing it makes you realise the the importance of it"
"Time heals all wounds"

How true are they? You judge! (:
(Only quoting them from the show, PLEASE don't think so much about it or link it to me. LOL ((cause I see no link)) )

Set in Sin City, the storyline revolves around two strangers who wake up to discover they got married sometime during the previous night's drunken festivities, with one of them winning a huge jackpot on the other's quarter. The couple set out to undermine each other and claim the coin, only to fall in love along the way.

We had some free time before the movie starts so we walked around.
& I got myself a new wallet (:
Loving it~ (Throwing the Gucci aside!)
(Stop asking me to save!! I haven't been spending alot! I ought to spoil myself once in awhile. The same for everyone!)
Dinner at LJS~ My favourite cheese sauce~~~~~~~
I just stopped coughing this morning but after eating LJS, the cough came back :(

So sick of town, Is town the only shopping place in SG?

Side Note; Janice, I hope you are feeling better now!

Someone, please ask me to watch my diet :(
I'm not doing anything to slim down.