Sunday, June 15, 2008

Birthdays & Realisation

12th June - YQ's youngest Bro birthday.
13th June - HY & WK's birthday.
15th June - Erika's birthday.
19th June - Sean's birthday.


Friday; I bumped into my cop cousin and his brother at the MRT station on my way to work. Chatted all the way till I alighted. It was nice to catch up with them. Even though we see each other for like once or twice per year only, but we're still close because my family used to stay with them & every weekends, our family would go out together or go for a holiday during our school holidays. But because of staying with them, Adel & my bro got chicken pox! As for me~ HURRRR~ Only afew bubble which also means I will still get it :(

It was X's last day of work. I gave her a hug before I left and my eyes felt watery. I really enjoyed working with her after working together for 8months. She's an idiot to leave me there alone after giving me all the happy/sad/angry memories.

Left with YQ,Derek,JJ after work. The both of them drove us to Sembawang for Dinner, then to Yishun to catch up with their "Lancer Club" people. YQ and me were really really bored. Home after midnight and I fell asleep in Derek's car.

SATURDAY; Rejected work again for the BBQ. YQ came over asking me to help him put on his contacts again. (He had to book in at 1000hr so he woke me up at 0900hr~) Aftermath, I went back to sleep. Can't really sleep so I went online, and went to prepare for the BBQ at 1100hr. Took my sweet sweet time, did things at my sweet sweet pace.

Before going out~

Thennn, OUT~ & I was early. Jan was early too. Thought that she would be late :x Zadyn, Jan, WM & me were supposed to meet for lunch first before heading there as we guess that we won't really eat alot at the BBQ but Zadyn overslept which left the 3 of us only.

Met up with WB & the rest at Pasir Ris MRT station. It was disappointing to know that there are only 15people. & 15people for 2 pits. Kind of regretted going there, I should have work on that day. We played games before starting the bbq. That was when things started to get interesting & fun. BBQ-ed at 7pm, games again at 9, and home sweet home after midnight.

Didn't really took much photos cause we were all busy with our food and forfeits~

First few pictures of the day (:

& I just love this Daddy's little expensive girl (:

Emo no?

The crab we saw on the beach. 2 legs went missing!!

The girl in white and green got drunk. LOL.

Ugly -.-

It was so embarrassing cause people were walking pass and we were standing at the table.
Zadyn took this random shot without us knowing.

He was wearing Janice's nerdy specs. LOL.
The one we got at IMM.

The chilli twins!!
They had to drink chilli sauce mixed with Lemon tea when they lose.

Below are pictures from their forfeit! HAHAHA~
There was 1 more couple. Sean & Eric, they were given a damp tissue and EWWWW.

Look @ Noor's face. He's enjoying all the kissing. Awww~

JY was already drunk, she vomited, fell, and lied on the floor -.- LOL.

On our way back, Janice felt really tired cause she drank quite alot too. Zadyn vomited & Eric felt high.
All these drunkards :X:X:X


SUNDAY; We were determined to get that Fred Perry Polo but they were out of sizes! No more XS or S so YQ went home empty handed while me on the other hand, got 2 tops and a bag. YQ paid for the bag. Thanks Hunny~ (: Was satisfied with today's shopping because my motive of going out is to get some new tops and a bag. Guess YQ was really disappointed when we were told that there's no more XS :(

Today is the last day of the IT fair. Wanted to make a trip down but we had limited time as we need to be back by evening time for his father's day dinner. Dinner at some HongKong restaurant and home sweet home (: Was supposed to go back to his place for the cake cutting session (M&M will be around~) but I had to go home because there's school tmr.

If you just realize what I just realized,
Then we'd be perfect for each other
and will never find another.