Thursday, June 05, 2008

A good day

I rejected 5days of work in total. :(
Nearly $300 flew away~
(I know its not alot but at least It can get me afew topppppps!!)

Both ankles are swollen~ Thanks to Ice Skating~~ Haha. But I don't regret going there. I don't mind swollen ankles if I can have that much fun. So crazy (: Noor's blog made me laugh like some idiot. He was describing how I pulled him to the middle of the ring and left him there. & Adel thought that it was stupid to be laughing infront of the screen. I had to send all of them the pictures. Busy busy busy.

I wore the new pair of heels out yesterday & resulted in 2 blisters. Thank god they don't really hurt.

I had Sakae Sushi at Habour Front yesterdayyyyyyyyyyyyyy~~
First time trying the Soba and Peas.
& I don't wanna try the second time please.
Chawanmushi is still the best!! So are the Mochi Icecreams, especially lychee flavoured ones.

Travelled to Marina Square after that.
Endless of walking around and then stopped at bowling!!
It was so pack lah. We had to wait about 5-10mins for a lane to be available.
Thankfully, not a long wait. Less than $10 bucks per person for 2rounds.
Thennn.... HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE. Look at our score. Please don't laugh :X
(But we had a really good time laughing at our scores. Especially mine!! wahahaha)

:( My poor score.

I was craving for Rice balls this afternoon and Jan&me went to have it at 7pm!!
Before that, we went to elsewhere (:

Still in a shopping mood.
I want more clothessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!