Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good thing comes in threes!

Sometimes, I really feel so loved.
Bad thing comes in threes, so do good things (:

Coffee dropped by to say Hi and as well as to see how I am doing.
WM appeared with 2 red petit plus followed by Janice 1 red petit plus and marshmellows!
Nooo. They didn't arranged or planned anything.

We (Jan&WM&ME&Shirl) were suppposed to meet up today but Shirl was too tired to turn up. Then coincidentally, the 2 of them appeared with my favourites~ :D:D:D HOW TO NOT FEEL LOVED?! YOU TELL ME!!

Waited so long for me somemore! Nearly 3hours?! Sweet lovelies~

Yesterday, we went to Shirlyn's house for a movie marathon cum cooking session!
Met them at Bukit Panjong Plaza, had Mcdonalds for breakfast and went off to NTUC and Sheng Siong to do our marketing. I almost vomitted la. I hate market or supermarket as long as they sell raw food that stinks.

Cooked Mee Sua & Pasta + 3 side dish.
We couldn't finish the food so we played some games and the loser will have to finish the food. HAHA~ Poor Janice.

Then, we baked Muffins, pancakes and boiled Rice balls as desserts.

Watched alooooot of dvds. 5 movies in total!

Hunny called, and home sweeeeet home (: