Sunday, June 29, 2008

Great week

I love the whole of this week, be it the little quarrels, moodiness, dental visit, lousy grade, happiness, great telepathy, movie, meetups or the over spending on stupid stuffs.

Everything about this week is just sooooo great even though the dental visit hurt like !@$$%@#!@.

& starting from tomorrow, I am going to follow a strict diet.
No more junk food! So people, don't try to tempt me!!
If you really mean well, don't eat infront of me!!!!!!

Today was a very very simple day.
Grandma came over with foooood. Ate a little. Breakfast cum lunch at 1050hr.
Then went out to meet Hunny to get the new phone but they blur boy got the date mixed up!! Its 2 days later~ But 2days later, he will be in camp, sooooo next Sat or Sun (:

Headed back home for my afternoon nap while Hunny was so engross in his television show.
Slept for 1hour, That guy woke me up at 3pm, and cooked maggie for our TEA TIME cum Dinner.
Very long since I ate maggie already so I find it damn tasty. lol.

Continued to laze around infront of the television before meeting his family for dinner.
WM-ed & Max&Marcel came too (:
Hunny and me were too full so we had desserts only.
Walked around and bought rubbish items but I like~

His brother-in-law suggested to chill at Coffee Bean after all the walking but we changed the venue. Back to somewhere nearer to our place.\

Chilled and home sweet home (:

PS : I forgot to mention about my new laptop skin~~ Jan bought one too~
The old one only lasted me for 3days.

The above 2, our laptop skins (:

The cute cert I got from the blood donation drive.
Everytime I go, I would get a different stress ball.
This time round's design is a drop of blood.

Eric and his MINImi. LOL~

They icecream HY and me had during our meetup.
& oh, so god damn sweet. Despite 99% fat free, I still hate Icecreams.

Wonder if anyone notice the difference tomorrow. Haha. What difference? Observeeee!!

I know they have alot of questions for me.
I am just waiting for them to ask.