Tuesday, June 24, 2008

If tmr never comes

The movie was great!
The few of us had a fun time laughing throughout.
The only bad thing is that the story line is rather lame and meaningless.
Basically, if you need something less tense or exciting but FUNNY, go for this show (:

On my way home, I bumped into my cousin again.

YQ's mummy is really sweet to get me some Gel pads for my feet. This was how it goes, I was on my way home from school (to put my bag, laptop, change clothes and proceed to YQ's house for dinner). Then, I happened to take the same bus as her so I went complaining to her about how that pair of Everlast shoe hurts, & she got me Gel pads the next day. She cares. (:

Random thought ; Have you ever wondered if someone close to you die in an accident tomorrow, and the last thing you said to him or her was something hurtful, what would you do? Isn't it abit too late for regrets?

No. I am not emo.