Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sean's birthday

Reminded to blog! I didn't even notice that I haven't been blogging for 4 days!

Not much me in the photos below cause I was the camera lady &&&& the camera wasn't mine.

It was he's! This nerdy Zad.
& The next 3 are overdues, from Monday (:

TADA~ Today's! It was Sean's birthday.
We had to "lie" to him that we are going to take class photo so everyone will have to go to the front. He went to the middle and was surrounded by us. After 1 shot(I can't see myself in the picture :( ), We opened our bottles and splashed water on him. Sadly, he was only half drenched.

His cake.

Me in Yellow! Yellow yellow dirty fellow.
I still feel weird wearing yellow cus I don't wear bright colours >:(
But that new top has been sitting in my wardrobe for like 3weeks untouched!
Another round of splashing water after singing his birthday song. lol.

FYI, that's Sean, blowing out the candles.

I have been putting on weight. I haven't weigh myself but I can feel it!
After all the good meals at YQ's house,
(I went to his house for 2 consecutive days for dinner! & When I'm there, His mum will cook my favourite dishhhhhh.)
After all the titbits he bought for me,
(Thanks hunny~)
I feel sooooo sinful cus I have been eating and munching and eating and munching non stop!!! :(

& he booked in last night. But he will be back tmr night (:

&& finally, I will be meeting up with my dearest HY tmr. ((: