Monday, June 02, 2008

SHOO, Pesty!

I swear I was so DAMN DAMN DAMN irritated just now.
Just what is wrong with those people?!

Or maybe the fault lies with me.
Maybe I should just......

Whatever it is, I am so not going ask anyone out or something ANYMORE.

Whenever I get irritated, I'll show attitude.
Don't expect me to be Miss Nice, because I didn't claim to be one right from the start.

Today WAS actually an excellent day because......

My mp3 arrived (:

& I was happy because of these, even though I had to pay more for the watch for the colour I want, even though it was the last piece, I was still happy.

Still very happy even though the lunch at Ichiban sucks.
& still very very happy even though was supposed to get 2 watch at nearly $500 but only got 1 in the end.
&& still very very very happy even though Raven was barking his lungs out.

until..... wvbal. These 2?
But luckily one of them manage to turn things around.

And everything is solved. Thanks to LWM the great.