Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Childish Moments

Sense and Sensibility.
Something so important, yet most people are lack of them.
Why must one choose to regret?
Why can't they think of the consequences before they act?
I am seriously giving this a very serious thought because YQ's situation made me realise something.

Yesterday was supposed to be a busy day, but thanks to the people below, we managed to finish things before time so we had afew hours to "slack" :D:D

The best 5 in black.
(best as in best buds in class {; Happened to wear black yesterday!!)

The stupid pose from a movie.

We(5 of us +JiaYun) went to TRCC for lunch.
& omgomgomgomgomgomgomg, I love their curly fries.
(because of the fries, I forgot my strict diet. SAD~~~)

The sofa and the cold weather made us feel like sleeping~

But there is a sign indicating "No-Sleeping"

So after eating, Zadyn had to hide his face to sleep.
After eating, chilled awhile before heading back to class (:
We didn't want to go back that early but that stupid Zadyn wanted to dota.

2 random shots taken by me.

My favourite girl (:

We played some games, and the losers would have to finish the packet of chilli.

Just chilli alone.

The people below are enjoying~~~

I had to eat the chilli too. As you know, I can't take hot stuffs so I need alot of water.

And because of chilli, I vomitted twice.

My finger & fist.

Okay, this one is really lame. HAHA!!

She look small, but she've got the biggest dream {;



When we took those pictures, there wasn't anyone walking pass so phewwww~ {;