Monday, July 28, 2008

For the matured TWO

My my... After Dawn and Xiaxue, the similar thing happened to me.

It is really how amazing how some STRANGERS can relate themselves to my entry. Thank you for your entertainment, for leaving Janice your URL on purpose. & then, the main one who is behind everything, texted Janice, again, on purpose.

Like hello, Do I even know you? I don't even know your surname, your weight (but opps, 1 thing for sure, you're heavier than me).

Incase anyone is interested, which I know most of you are.

I can't stand this anymore.
Been tolerating this since Friday.
Maybe I should just stop myself from reading her blog altogether.

So much for being OLDER than ME.
So much for being 20.
Being immature is your forte I guess.
So you being rich, BIG FUCK?
I don't give a damn about it, 'Queen'.

So what if people like to do critics?
Just because you have a lousy taste bud.
And a SQUARE brain.
Thinking that whatever is expensive is good.

It's not exactly glam to let people know
That you're so useless, that you don't even cook an egg!
It's just throwing your own face into shit hole.
Giving people a chance to mock you.

This is to MISSY, aka 'Queen'.
This is for my people, who feels the same way I do.

Uh huh. That's the story.
To fill in reader's doubts, I don't really know this Young Lady at all.
& the next thing I know is I got rebuke.
I daresay that nothing, TOTALLY nothing, is related to her.
I guess she is too free at home, or maybe, she feels that there is a need to defend, but defend who?
Defending the one who commented that She is childish? How noble?!

♥ I don't remember giving you my URL, well of cause, You can bloghop here as and when you like cause we all know that WWW stands for World Wide Web, but do note that I have NEVER invited you to read, but if you happened to receive any invitation, obviously, its not from me. Since you are here uninvited, then just read and go. You are not exactly someone very significant, Neither am I, so don't tolerate, in simple, if you can't stand it, then don't visit?

♥ For your information, I am not 20 yet. HAHA! I am only 2months older than your goodfriend. Since you are so mature, why did you type that entry? Can I know what triggered you? Who provoked you? Me? Back to the first point, Please be reminded that you came here out of your own will. I didn't FORCE you to, did I? Since you are sooo mature, and me being childish, How come I got said for not doing anything?

♥ Rich? I have never said that I am rich. I don't come from a wealthy family well, but at least, all the 3 toilets (including my bedroom's) are still functioning and in their best condition. I don't deny my love for shopping, who doesn't love shopping? If you think shopping too much = rich then, thanks! Cause its nice to be seen as RICH :D Deep down, I know that not all expensive means good, But at least, An auth Gucci is better than a fake one? *winks*

So what if people like to do critics? So, what has this point got to do with me? Sorry, like you said, I have a square shape brain so I need some explaination from brains which are ROUND, but size of a pea maybe? HEHEHEHE.
So what if you DO or DO NOT give a damn about it? It doesn't really bothers me?

♥ Sorry that I cant fry an egg, Did it somehow make you feel inferior, if that is really the case, then I AM REALLY SORRY? Cause you gotta or needa cook? Or do you need to wash the toilet also? I don't see why I can't fry an egg bothers you that much. Well, I don't need to cook, People cooks for me. I can see that you are SO very interested in my life. People don't mock at me for not being able to cook or wash my own clothes, instead, they envy me, the same for you, I know. Sooooo, you can save the shithole for yourself.

PS : Stop pretending to be innocent infront of Janice. She may be naive, however, she is still bright to see and judge for herself, Regina.