Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, JY

THURSDAY; "Something" was meant to be a surprise for hunny.
I wanted to keep it from him till SAT, no matter how much I urge to tell.
Buttttt, I had no choice to tell him the truth at night.

That "something" is..............check back in my next entry.

I know hes happy, really happy (:

We had an early birthday celebration for the 3people (Amni,Ron, JY) as most of us will be skipping school on Fri. That Amni actually cried cause she was moved. LOL~ She couldn't stop tearing because of the two idiotic guys, Zadyn & Eric. They kept going AWWWWW~ which triggered Amni's tears. lol.

FRIDAY; Today is a fun day.

Hope you did enjoy yourself today.

5 of us (excluding JY) went to Kobayashi at Cine for lunch.
Walked around to search for Derek's birthday present while waiting for that birthday girl to arrive.
After that, we went back to Cine for Janice's favourite activity - Watching horror movies.
We paid like $50 for 3hours + 2 Dvd which was quite cheap. (One Missed Call and The Wig)
The Wig was .......... scary. I don't like.
I had to hide my face behind my hands like a hundred times.
But at least I am better than LWM or Zadyn cause they can't stop shaking.
Oh man........ Janice, the Mini Mi is the bravest. & So is Mi (Eric).

Halfway through One Missed Call, there were some kids banging and knocking at every room for the fun of it. They ran away after each bang/knock. None of them look like Singaporeans to me as they are either black, white or blonde. After their second round of fooling, Eric managed to catch hold of one or two of the kids as he went out of the room to actually stop them. They denied it but well, there was a CCTV and beside the door was a transparent glass panel, if we were to see wrongly, it means that we must be blind. A Japanese guy from the other room came out and confronted them too. The black ones are from India, while the rest are from western countries. We asked for the guard and they were chased out of Cine.

If warning doesn't help, I guess actions should be taken.

We didn't managed to finish One Missed Call, so we went for dinner at Long John Silver.
(Saw the bunch of ill bred kids again)
Before that, we passed by a push cart, spent some time choosing the colours and bought something.
After dinner, We took neoprints (HAHA! Long time, long time! I can't even remember when was the last time I took, say... like last year?) & We went back to Level 9, booked another room for another round of horror movie.

This time round, we watched Recarnation, which is like 10x scarier than the previous 2 and..... I likeeeee it. HAHA!!

I bet Janice love today cause she loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee horror movies more than anyone of us.

It was home sweet home after that. We left the place at 10pm as Eric needed to rush off to another place for movie.

& Hunny came over to pick his "something" up.