Sunday, July 20, 2008

How much time left?

I bought 2 cuteeee compact mirror! 1 for me, 1 for Jan {;

People are pestering me for pictures on the adventure thingy but I am lazy to upload them to my laptop.
Cause I was the only one who brought the camera up?
Had to leave the camera at a safe place when it was my turn and the kind Amir helped me looked after it.
(If anyone holds it, and drops it, it will drop all the way to level 1)
And was disappointed to realise that there was scratches on the screen.
Like wth?! I treated that camera more important than any other belongings???
Simply because it is face out and its white WHITE WHITE?!
(And also, I bought it for myself for my birthday last year)

But........ Lots of people held it on that day. So I don't know who and how...
My fault. For bringing the cam up.
Thankfully, theres a screen protector to save the screen {;
So I am actually kind of lucky?

Before that, we went to TRCC for lunch again.
Goodness! Ate till I almost vomited cause I was hell full.
I love their creamy spag.
The rest love their rice, wedges and pizza drumlet????
For those who beg to differ, I am sorry to say that each of us have got different tastebuds yea?
But so far so good, all thumps up! HEHEHE.
I am so going back there to eat again, again & again!

Shopping with YQ yesterday.
He appeared with a mini partner for MIMI. {;
I got myself a pair of slim fit jeans at MNG.
And now, I am stucked at matching it with my tops because in any way, they look weird.
Reached home before midnight, showered, and the next thing I knew, it was 10am already.

YQ's sister gave me 2 Ripcurl tops and a Roxy pencil case.
They don't have any "mei mei" in their family so if they got something nice,
they would give them to me. LOL.

Ate alot so we had to burn some calories.
Went to the park which he promised to bring me there ages ago and cycled.
Went back, cycled again while YQ ran because he needs to train for his IPPT.

Last week, I told YQ that I am so going to restrict my spendings together with friends.
Maybe like a certain amount a day.
AND HE LAUGHED!! Haha. So idiotic :x

On the first day itself, we spent.
We did put in effort to tryyyy but it is not easy to resist???
Food itself is already a killer.
Well, you can't expect one to spend just $3 - $4 per meal right? (even if its in school)
Why should I allow myself to "suffer" ?
But isn't saving suffering?????? How contradicting?!?!?!
So, this week was hell because I can't exactly recall how much I had spent.

If the money spent can buy us happiness, I guess its worth it after all.
Afterall, I asked myself this, How much time left?

Visuals next time.