Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I want my MINIS

YQ's nights out. Supposed to catch a movie but there wasn't any timeslot which suits his timing.

So, we went for dinner and he made me drink his super duper uber spicy soup.

Went for shopping aftermath.
Went into the shop that Melvin is currently working at.

I was standing beside YQ while Melvin was happily chatting with YQ for 5mins.
Then he asked,
Melvin : Is that Maybeline?
YQ : Ya lah. If not who?
Maybeline : Omg, Do I look so different?
Melvin : Ya. Damn damn damn different.
Maybeline : Well, because I am 19 going on 20 already.
Melvin : HAHAHAHA. Still so young!

& he burst out laughing.

The last time he saw me was months ago only. Duh.

YQ bought a Nike tee & water bottle from him (:

While looking for my MINIS, I passed by Fox, entered, and came out with 2 tops.
I could have do with more if YQ didn't stop me.

I went to look for my MINIS everywhere but its already out of stock....i think.... :(

I am begining to feel stress again cause Friday is nearing.
Oh suxor. Oh fuker. Oh assy.
Like seriously, HELP!!!!!!!!!!